Get Your Fitness on for 2014


It’s definitely that time of the year again… the time when you’re haunted with the small regret of over-indulging in those scrumptious holiday feasts and left-overs. However, you’re committed to overcoming the packing of those extra calories, right? That’s why we’re guessing you’re among the majority who have blatantly labeled diet and fitness as among your top New Year resolutions. T3 Middle East wants to help you out with that. We’ve chosen some useful apps for Android and iOS users to take advantage of and make 2014 a promising year.  


Nike Training Club

iOS 5+, iPad, Touch

Android 2.3+

nike training app.jpg

Ladies, this one’s for you. Designed for the globe’s largest women’s fitness community, this app includes a new 30-day program that gives you the option of tracking your runs through Nike+ Running. It helps its users reach their goals through working by ability. Ready, set, go!

Free, itunes.apple.com, play.google.com



Strava Cycling

iOS 5.0+, iPhone, iPad, Touch

Android 2.2+


You can use GPS to track your bike rides with this app and compare your record with friends by monitoring your performance. For convenience, this app is also available in several languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, etc. Let the racing begin.

 Free, itunes.apple.com, play.google.com




iOS 6.1+, iPhone, iPad, Touch

Android 2.2+


Losing weight is no longer a drag thanks to this innovative app that lets you look beyond just counting calories. It helps with eating in a healthier manner and you can track your progress while doing so. It comes with a barcode scanner to help assist with tracking your food intake and ultimately, your overall weight loss. Each category of food receives a nutritional rating so that the user can know what’s going into their tummy. Users can use the app to make healthy grocery lists, too. Cool, right?

Free, itunes.apple.com, play.google.com




iOS 6.0+, iPhone, iPad, Touch

Android 2.1+


You can set a number of gym visit targets for yourself for a certain period of time and earn money through reaching that target. Where does the money come from? From members who do not meet their targets. So, it really pays to work hard at living healthy.

Free, itunes.apple.com, play.google.com



Nike+ Running

iOS 6.1+, iPhone, iPad, Touch

Android 2.3.3+

nike plus.jpg

Reach your fitness goals and track your runs while setting a new record for yourself. This app can be used for running your first race or a marathon, as it motivates its user with measurements to get a faster and more efficient run. Running long distances just got a mile easier.

Free, itunes.apple.com, play.google.com


Micheline Harbie
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