Game On: Razer’s gaming laptop has three screens!


Three 4K screens to be exact.

Proving that is still one of the top companies developing products for gamers, Razer has just announced a new gaming notebook that comes with three 4K screens – yes three ultra-high definition 17-inch displays packed into one gaming notebook.

Dubbed Project Valerie, it is said that it is the first portable gaming notebook of its kind. The two screen slide out from the center display using an automated switch. At its thickest, the notebook comes in at 1.5-inches thick.

While specifications were not announced, expect it to feature top of the line hardware that you already see on the companies’ Razer Blade gaming notebooks – though the ability to drive three 4K screens would definitely require very powerful components. Add to that various factors including battery life, which could make or break the device.

Project Valerie is still a prototype, meaning that it would take a while before the design becomes commercial.

Victor Philip Ortiz
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