The best tech and gadgets from CES 2014


We run-down the best tech from CES 2014, including Sony's new Xperia Z1 Compact smartphone, and a host of new wearable technology...


As usual, this year's CES - organised by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) - has been full of great tech, from interesting new ideas to fully fledged products ready to find their way into your home. T3 Middle East has been on hand to get hands-on with most of it, and here are ten highlights from the show that will be making a splash in 2014.

Simon Khoury
Molecular Biologist turned technology journalist, Simon moved from browsing genomes to dissecting gadgets and putting them through T3's battery of tests. He is currently the Editor for T3me.com, and a contributing editor to the Arabic and English editions of T3 Middle East magazine. He takes special interest in high performance computer systems, high-end smartphones, the indie gaming scene, and productivity boosting software. He is also an avid reader, science afficionado and a picky gamer. You can contact him at webeditor(at)t3me.com.