Nintendo Switch is great, but here are 5 things we hate about it


Not everyone is perfect.

Nintendo may already have a success on their hands with the Switch, considering that some of its launch titles and exclusives are some of the best games we’ve ever played (yes, we’re talking about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild).

That being said, each major console release would have its own list of pros and cons and granted we’ve shown some love about the Nintendo Switch, we also have a list of things that we didn’t like. Here are some of them:

Flimsy kickstand – One of the ways you can use the Nintendo Switch is tabletop mode, where you bring out a kickstand and detach the controllers so you have your own personal screen in front of you. The problem is that the kickstand sits closer to one side of the device, meaning it can easily be toppled. Opening the kickstand would also reveal the microSD card slot which of course is more prone to being accidentally removed.

And since the USB-C port used for charging the Nintendo Switch is located at the bottom, it means that you can’t charge the device in tabletop mode unless you get a stand, which of course will cost you extra.


Victor Philip Ortiz
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