Top 5 Valentine’s Day movies on Netflix


Because watching Netflix sometimes is a good option.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while some may have planned a romantic evening others may have opted to stay at home instead. I personally don’t enjoy going out celebrating it with other couples, so we’ve opted to have a home cooked meal and binge on Netflix instead.

The choices found in the UAE version of Netflix isn’t as extensive as the ones found in the US, but its library of movies and TV shows is steadily growing. And if you noticed, most of the content offered by Netflix are now original productions, giving more reasons to ditch your cable subscription.

Here’s five of our favorite movies (and TV shows) that you can watch on Valentine’s Day – all available on Netflix of course.

The 40-Year Old Virgin – It’s a comedy about someone not finding love at a young age, but underneath the jokes is an absolutely sweet story of guy waiting for the right woman – something that few movies fail to do. Also, just watch it for the hilarious chest-waxing scene.

Serendipity – The premise might be absurd, but this Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack classic makes for a nice watch, especially if you love New York. Hopeless romantics always find something to love in this movie, and I admit, I am one of them.

Victor Philip Ortiz
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