Trends in Tech: Why is my smartphone getting 'taller'?


We examine the new 18:9 aspect ratio debuting with this year’s flagships.

The introduction of the LG G6 and even the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, we’re seeing a new trend being introduced on new smartphone flagships – taller screens. This new trend, which manufacturers dub as the 18:9 aspect ratio (the Samsung S8 will use an 18.5:9) offers a bigger display that can accommodate two perfect squares placed on top of each other. Rumors also suggest that Apple is also looking into brining that same concept to the iPhone this year.

Smartphone screens have started with small 2 to 3.5-inch displays that managed to get the job done – but as apps and other types of media get more complex and as users start using mobile devices instead of computers, the need for bigger displays was always there.

That is why smartphone screens started to arrive in various bigger sizes. Samsung famously initiated that trend with the launch of the first Galaxy Note that introduced a larger screen while maintaining the same 16:9 aspect ratio. The 16:9 aspect ratio was followed so it closely resembles a miniature version of an HDTV – meaning that watching widescreen videos will fit well with the screen size.

Victor Philip Ortiz
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