Sony’s MDR-1000X is made for the true audiophile


Features industry-leading noise cancellation.

Sony has taken off the wraps on its new MDR-1000X noise cancelling headphones that feature some of the best audio quality to ever come out from a Sony audio device. Available in black and grey beige, the headphones feature a matte finish with subtle synthetic leather to match the style you would want from a premium headphone.

The MDR-1000X features a proprietary technology called Sense Engine that takes into account the share of your head and ears to give you a customized noise cancelling effect that is suited for you. Additionally, there is also an option to let you hear spoken words even when active noise cancellation is turned on so you can continue conversations even when you are wearing the headphone.

And just like the rest of Sony’s premium audio line, the MDR-1000X also has native support for hi-resolution audio.

The MDR-1000X connects via Bluetooth and can offer more than 20 hours of battery life – all from a single charge. The Sony MDR-1000X is available now for 1599 AED across major retailers in the country.

Victor Philip Ortiz
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