The streets of Dubai will soon have ‘smart signals’


This is how pedestrians will look like in the future.

The Roads and Transport Authority has started the trial for its new smart signals that will ensure safe crossing on pedestrian lanes. Smart signals offer a sensor-based traffic light system embedded on ground level so pedestrians can easily see it.

The trial stage that started along Al Saada Street now shows illuminated signals that light up in green or red signaling the time when you should cross the street.

Engineer Metha bin Adai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic & Roads Agency, said, “RTA had tentatively installed & operated smart light signals for pedestrians on Al Saada St. The operational system of the signal is designed to eliminate the time allocated to pedestrians if it senses no pedestrians waiting on the pavement, thus provides more time for vehicles to pass.

“The traffic signal uses a sensor-based smart system through an optical ground system that works in perfect harmony with the lights of the signal. It spots the movement of pedestrians on the pavement (before crossing the street) or on the crossing path (during crossing) and automatically modifies the timing of the signal’s light accordingly. Thus, it allows the safe passage of the largest possible number of pedestrians and accordingly provides an excellent & smart service to all road users.

RTA is planning to install similar smart signals across Dubai in the next couple of months.

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