Looks like Samsung’s prepping a new version of the Galaxy S8


A ‘tougher’ version of the S8.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8/S8+ are already one of the best smartphones available. The combination of a gorgeous design and superfast specifications already make it one of the top devices available. While the smartphone itself is water and dust resistant, its excellent Super AMOLED screen is also one of the most fragile displays on a smartphone. That means that extra care should be given especially if you are the clumsy type.

Some may consider it a drawback, but recent evidence found online may point to Samsung making a tougher version of the Galaxy S8. You already know where we’re going with this: the company is planning to release the Galaxy S8 Active, a ruggedized version of their current flagship.

No details were revealed only that leaked model numbers point to the same Galaxy S8 branding but with a different model number. Judging from earlier Active releases of their Galaxy smartphones, we can expect a tougher display and shockproof exteriors along with even better dust and water resistance.

No word yet on when it will be launched. We will update this news item once the information is available.

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