Is this Samsung’s Galaxy S8?


Leaked renders point to a new design.

With CES done, many are now turning their heads at Mobile World Congress due to take place in the coming months. It is usually the platform where various companies make major smartphone announcements.

Particularly for Samsung, MWC has been the venue where their current line of Galaxy flagships make a debut, and this year is no exception.

Leaked renders of what seems to be the Galaxy S8 have begun popping up online, showing the new design of the upcoming smartphone.

Based on one of the leaked images above, you can see that the S8 somewhat ditches the home button, and instead makes the screen bigger without having to make the entire built larger. The almost borderless design is a marvel to look at, since it will most likely feature the latest AMOLED display used by the company from their past flagships.

That being said, we’re wondering what will happen to the fingerprint sensor since it was a staple part of the home button.

A lot pressure is currently on Samsung especially since this is their first major product launch after the disaster of the Note 7 launch.

What do you think of the new Galaxy S8 design? Share us your thoughts in the comments below.

Victor Philip Ortiz
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