Samsung might’ve accidentally announced one of the S8’s new features


Meet the S8’s new digital assistant.

While Samsung is still mum about the launch of its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8, it may have inadvertently revealed details on what it could be – including the rumored personal digital assistant that we now know as Bixby.

As part of the recent Samsung Pay payments Samsung has showcased on their website (posted above), it somehow confirmed the existence of Bixby and that you can use the personal assistant to initiate payments on your Samsung smartphone.

It was also reported that Bixby was developed by Viv, a company that Samsung has brought a few months back. Viv in turn, was founded by one of the people who created Siri for Apple’s iPhone.

With everyone eagerly anticipating the launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung needs to step up their game this year after a disastrous 2016.

Victor Philip Ortiz
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