Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Review


Raise the stakes.

Raise the stakes.

Apple’s MacBook Pro line finally got an upgrade earlier this year and offered a bunch of new features that got users either excited or raised their eyebrows. The Touch Bar is the defining highlight of the new MacBook Pro. It’s basically a small touchscreen that replaces the function keys located on top of the keyboard. The Touch Bar changes functions depending on what program is open, and can even offer an alternate way for you to browse files or use your computer overall.

There are three new models for the MacBook Pro. One is a 13-inch version without the Touch Bar and another is a 13-inch and 15-inch model that includes the Touch Bar. For the duration of the review we will be focusing on the top-tier 15-inch model.

In addition to the Touch Bar, the new MacBook Pro mostly got various design changes over the last generation. It’s slimmer and lighter than the previous MacBook Pro despite the large screen size. The keyboard carries over the butterfly design we’ve seen from the MacBook, though I still find it hard adjusting to the new keys. The trackpad is still pressure-sensitive, but is now larger and occupies space as much as the keyboard.

This new MacBook Pro has dropped all of its legacy ports in favor of the new USB-C connector that works with both data transfers, displays and for charging. While it’s a big step towards moving to a unified form of connection, that would mean that either you have all your devices connect using USB-C or bear the added cost of buying dongles, which I’m sure you won’t like.

We Like
  • Excellent top-notch design
  • Brilliant screen
  • Superfast performance
We hate
  • Touch Bar isn’t maximized yet with current apps
  • Battery life is subpar
  • Removal of other ports
  • Expensive
We Say

The Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar still wows in performance, but at its current state the cons outweigh the pros – to which we can only give a limited recommendation.

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