Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Review


That may be one of the biggest drawbacks of the new MacBook Pro. I don’t mind moving to USB-C, but Apple could have at least retained a USB or HDMI port. I find it funny though that they bravely removed the 3.5 mm audio port on the iPhone 7 but it’s present here on the MacBook Pro.

The 15.4-inch display supports a 2880-by-1800 pixel resolution, which now uses the P3 color spectrum for better and more accurate colors. This is where Apple’s notebook still shines, it brilliantly displays colors the best way possible with minimal reflection and stands as one of the best screens I’ve seen on a notebook. It’s thinner too, and Apple has to sacrifice the glowing Apple logo (which has been a staple feature of all MacBooks) in favor of a shiny metal one.

Which brings us to the main feature of the MacBook Pro: the Touch Bar. The small strip of touchscreen placed on top of the physical keyboard gives you more options depending on what app is open. Think if it as an extra menu bar that offers more functions that you may (or may not) need.

And that may be one of the MacBook Pro’s cons: the Touch Bar is revolutionary that’s for sure, but not all apps support the new feature and at during the past weeks that I’ve spent with it, I’ve hardly ever used it.

Much like how 3D Touch is on the iPhone, the Touch Bar will get better over time, but at its current state, it feels more like a feature that I won’t really be using.

We Like
  • Excellent top-notch design
  • Brilliant screen
  • Superfast performance
We hate
  • Touch Bar isn’t maximized yet with current apps
  • Battery life is subpar
  • Removal of other ports
  • Expensive
We Say

The Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar still wows in performance, but at its current state the cons outweigh the pros – to which we can only give a limited recommendation.

Victor Philip Ortiz
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