X Marks the Spot: iPhone X Review


Embrace the notch.

Embrace the notch.

Every year you’d probably always hear how Apple’s current iPhone is always the best one. That’s always true, and the same goes with every other flagship released in that year. Since its debut in 2007, the iPhone has ushered a new generation of smartphones that still follow most of the original’s design aspects.

For its 10th anniversary, Apple is looking to reinvent the smartphone again. The iPhone X (pronounced ‘Ten’) is the culmination of the technologies introduced over the years, though some may question their design choices.

So yes, after its big reveal last September, the iPhone X is finally here. It has a brand new display and a design that emulates previous iPhone designs. It’s significantly smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus and just a millimeter larger than the iPhone 8. The all-glass back and front makes a return from the iPhone 4 all held up with a strong metal frame.

It’s easier to hold compared to the Plus, but you’ll instantly notice that the device is now all-screen. You can probably attribute this change since it’s the latest trend in smartphones at the moment and it’s great that Apple is finally catching up.

The 5.8-inch display is the largest screen to be placed on an iPhone. Following a taller aspect ratio, it has also been upgraded to a higher 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution. The iPhone X marks the first time Apple is shifting to an OLED-based, HDR-capable display that offers far better colors compared to LCD.

We Like
  • Excellent display
  • Face ID
  • Animojis
  • Great camera
We hate
  • (Very) expensive
  • Some users may not like the notch
We Say

The iPhone X is leaps and bounds from the original iPhone released in 2007 – and while that won’t impress other users, it is still the best iPhone Apple has ever made.

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