App Attack: Here are five apps you need to check out!


These five apps were made especially for the Middle East region.

The increasing popularity of smartphone apps has fueled ways on how modern technology can help with everyday tasks. Here in the Middle East, there is already an increasing number of app startups that cater to all our needs.

Apple’s Developer Workshop introduced us to five locally-based app developers in the region. It also gave them the opportunity to introduce their apps and present something that would be of use to someone living in the Middle East. Here are the five app that’s worth checking out:

Al Yolla

Developed by Afra Al Mahairy, Al Yolla brings the traditional Emirati dance in form of a game, collecting coins or throwing guns while dancing and completing levels in different levels based on real-life UAE landmarks. Its ultimate purpose is to help people understand Arabic tradition not just for the Middle East audience but also the world.

The free app also comes with iMessage stickers that brings local Emirati tradition to your conversations. Along with that, Al Yolla also has merchandise available showcasing characters from the game, including coloring books and even caps.


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