Moving from iOS to Android isn’t as complicated as it was before


Both operating systems now play better with each other.

I’ve been an iPhone user since the 4S and I was a BlackBerry user before that. But I still remember the struggles I faced when I moved from BlackBerry to iOS.

Last week saw the launch of major Android smartphones in the region. From LG, Motorola, Sony and Samsung. I figured it’s a good time to jump ship, considering the current crop of Android devices are actually great in features and early reviews are mostly positive.

I've been using this homescreen for six years.

I did a little research and realized that moving from one platform to another isn’t as complicated as it was before. Take for example Samsung: with the release of the S7 last year, they’ve included an option called Smart Switch that will easily let you transfer data from any smartphone straight to the S7 (using a direct USB connection), a feature that should have been present with other smartphones from the start.

As an iPhone user my main concern is transferring my contacts, camera roll, calendar entries and some apps I regularly use to the new platform. I just ordered the Galaxy S8, so in this process I’m thinking of going Android all the way.

I mostly use streaming apps, which thankfully is also available on Android.

I was happy to know that most of the apps that I commonly use like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Netflix and even YouTube all have a similar Android app. For other that are iOS-exclusives, there is always an Android counterpart that you can use. A quick search online would usually present results of you are looking for an Android alternative to your current iOS app.

For contacts and calendar entries I found out that the iOS version of Google Drive will let you upload these entries where it will then be tied to your Google account, which is the main account that you need when you use an Android device. Once uploaded it will simply sync with your local address book and before you know it, all your contacts from your iPhone is now present on your Android device.

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