Say hi to Xperia Hello!


Take a look at Sony’s latest smart speakers.

Take a look at Sony’s latest smart speakers.

Well, we all kind of saw it coming. With every major manufacturer coming out with its own smart speaker, it won’t take long before Sony comes out with their own. Say hi to Sony’s Xperia Hello!

With the punctuation as part of its name, the Xperia Hello! does everything that you’d expect from a smart speaker, it also has other features like video chat and it can also work as an indoor camera.

The speaker includes a 4.6-inch display at the front and an infrared sensor is built-in that can easily detect movement across the room. There’s seven mics placed around it, so it can pick up even the slightest whisper.

We’re a little bummed that it doesn’t feature Google Assistant, in fact Sony has its own proprietary assistant that’s been used on its Xperia Ear buds. Similar to Samsung’s Bixby, you’d feel Sony just wants to make their own assistant instead of utilizing existing options. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Sony’s Xperia Hello! will start shipping in Japan next month – no word yet on a global release.

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