Make it official, Infiniti’s Q50 Red Sport 400 reaches err…optimal arousal zones


Scientifically, of course

Hebbian-Yerkes-Dodson model strike a chord? Well, this is a scientifically validated behavioural performance model, and Infiniti decided to use the model to scientifically prove that the Q50 Red Sport 400 is indeed quite an awesome ride.

The process was fairly simple. Infiniti tied up with Emotive Inc., a privately-held bio-informatics and technology company developing and manufacturing wearable EEG technologies.

The brand then recorded the real-time neural reactions of individuals as they got behind the wheel of the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400, and the data gathered was analysed by experts at Emotive Inc. 


The data of the 100 test drives was evaluated against the Hebbian-Yerkes-Dodson behavioural performance model to determine whether driving the Q50 Red Sport 400 elicited optimal levels of performance in these metrics.

Interestingly enough, the data obtained from a representative sample proved that the Q50 Red Sport 400 captures the excitement engagement and focus of drivers while still allowing them to enjoy the ride and was superior to that of another generic driving experience, as measured through a range of brain metrics.

The first of the key measurements that were evaluated was excitement (arousal). While driving, all participants reached the optimal arousal zone (mean 0.582) according to the H-Y-D curve, indicated by the sharp spike in blue. This means that they experienced the perfect level of excitement whilst driving the Red Sport 400 – not so high that they would lose control of their emotions or so low that they were disinterested. This is in stark contrast to another generic driving experience (racing simulator) (mean 0.507), where it displays a much more spread out distribution. As seen in the graph below, there are moderate numbers of those with low and high arousal, but a very limited time near the optimal performance level.

The post-driving data shows that the individuals were more relaxed, but still somewhat excited (mean 0.495). This is indicated by the green curve following a shape that roughly mirrors that of the driving curve, suggesting an ‘after-glow’ effect of the experience as they sat in the car after driving the Red Sport 400.

Anil George
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