Agents of Mayhem Review (PlayStation 4)


Boom Boom Pow.

Boom Boom Pow.

Advertised as a spin-off from the Saints Row series and set in the same fictional universe, Agents of Mayhem a new open-world game that takes places in a futuristic-looking Seoul with certain characters from Saints Row make appearances in the game.

The third-person aspect is preserved, but you now have the option to control multiple characters. There ae twelve characters (agents) to choose from, which in turn is composed into four groups. Each agent has its own unique play style and abilities, which you can utilize with the main campaign along with various personal and unlock missions.

The basic plot revolves around an organization known as M.A.Y.H.E.M. (Multinational AgencY Hunting Evil Masterminds) founded by Persephone Brimstone and funded by the Ultor Corporation. M.A.Y.H.E.M's goal is to stop supervillain organization L.E.G.I.O.N. (the League of Evil Gentlemen Intent on Obliterating Nations) from destroying the world's nations.

Despite multiple characters having various qualities, you can’t help but feel bored by their attitudes. The subtle jokes are there, though it failed to elicit any form of laughs when I was playing it and at times, can be annoying. Don’t get me wrong, each of them can be likable, though as you progress these characters can’t help but make me feel bored.

The gameplay can get quite repetitive as well, and by the time you finish the game you’ll be exhausted as to how many missions you’ve completed the same exact way. Boss battles though are great, and at times I did enjoy those characters more than the protagonists.

Even the missions are quite confusing since there are times when you engage on various checkpoints only to arrive at a certain where you actually begin your mission. It’s a good way to explore the city, but then again it can be quite boring.

I’ve encountered some bugs that will hopefully get fixed with a software patch. Graphics are decent, but I did love the sound more especially with the roaring explosions that works well with the action.

Overall, Agents of Mayhem isn’t a bad game – it’s just that it could have been better.

We Like
  • Diverse characters
  • Great visuals
We hate
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Character’s attitude can get boring
We Say

Agents of Mayhem isn’t a bad game – it’s just that it could have been better.

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