Linksys Velop: Boost your Wi-Fi


Wireless made better.

The popularity of Mesh-based networking has led to companies like Netgear, Google and Linksys to make their own devices that support the new standard. Simply put, mesh-based network allow you to have a bigger coverage in your home without losing quality in speed and performance.

The difference between using systems like these compared to an extender / access point is that they all share the same signal quality over different bands to deliver 100 percent coverage without any dead spots.

The Linksys Velop offers a simple way to setup your own mesh router system – so simple that you only need an app to configure it. It’s both and advantage and a disadvantage, conspiring that the app doesn’t have all the options you would want to tinker on the router.

It comes in packs of 1-piece, 2-piece (used in this review) and 3-piece but you can configure one and keep adding more if you prefer. Even with multiple routers present, you only need one Wi-Fi name and password to connect to them.

Each node on the Velop comes in a matte white minimalist design that should blend well on any place you put it. It’s small in size too, different from the huge routers with crazy antennas that you’ve come to know.

The small size though has it caveats: it only has two Ethernet ports. Since one will be used for the main internet line, you will only be able to connect one wired accessory on the device. Along with that, the Velop does not have any USB port, so the ability to share content across your wireless network won’t be supported.

We Like
  • Easy setup
  • Fast throughput speeds
  • Great design
We hate
  • Expensive
  • Can only be set up using an app
  • Lacks a USB port
We Say

The Linksys Velop offers an easy to use way to set up your home network, if you’re willing to pay for the price.

Victor Philip Ortiz
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